Six Senses is one of the great hotels in the World. In this article, we will review the Six Senses Samui, Thailand. Six Senses Samui has a different and awesome concept from the other Villas. Six Senses Samui built the villa on a hill, near a beach. The concept makes it looks awesome. This is an infinite Villa near a beach. We will get the best experience of our vacation. It will make the visitor come back fresh after the vacation.

Bali Natural Stone Tiles
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Six Senses also designed the villa with a traditional concept of nature. This concept made the villa looks natural and has an infinite view. The villa was built with wooden materials to get a traditional and natural concept. Six Senses Samui installed an outdoor swimming pool to get the beach view. We can feel the sea breeze from the pool.

Green Bali Natural Stone
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The Amazing Green Bali Natural Stone Swimming Pool

That concept makes the villa more exclusive than the other villas. The swimming pool applied Bali Green Sukabumi Stone. Bali Natural Green Sukabumi Stones give green color and natural look to the pool. Bali Stone has been applied by many villas in the world because it gives a benefit to the swimming pool. Bali Green Sukabumi Stone can make the pool cleaner because it has a substance that can make the water free of micro organism.

Green Bali Natural Stone Tiles for Pool
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Green Bali Sukabumi Stone can survive for a long time and is comfortable for swimming pool. It also gives a natural look of green. We can feel the best pool near a beach at Six Senses Samui, Thailand. That is enjoyable and peaceful to stay there. So, we recommend you to visit this amazing villa in Samui, Thailand.

Bali Natural Stone Tiles
(Source : Instagram/grandcruclasse)

That is our review about the Six Senses Samui, Thailand, which applied Bali Green Sukabumi Stone. We hope this review can give you information about the Six Senses Samui. Thank you for visiting our website. For more information and question, please do not hesitate to contact us.