White Palimanan Tiles come from Indonesia has very competitive Quality. White Palimanan Tiles has Elegant White Appearance and texture from another Natural Stone Indonesia. This White Palimanan can found In Palimanan Mountain. From that palimanan Mountain, we will get White Limestone Rock. Indonesia has some mining for Whit Limestone Rock. To get High Quality White Palimanan Stone Tiles, We need to choose best White Limestone Rock.

Bali White Limestone Tiles

After White Limestone Rock, This Stone will process to White Palimanan Tiles. For largest White Palimanan Tiles, we need to find largest White Limestone Rock, It’s make largest Size more expensive then little size. This White Limestone Rock has soft rock characteristic. This Limestone characteristic make the White Palimanan Bali Stone more easy to cutting and make a largest size,  but we need add more thickness for Largest size to keep it more safe.

Special White Palimanan Stone Finishing

White Palimanan Bali Stone can apply for Swimming Pool deck,  Low Pressure Paving, Limestone Floor Tiles, Limestone Wall Tiles, Stairs, etc. White Palimanan Bali Stone will has elegant application because has White classic Appearance. This Natural Stone choose by some hotel or villa to make purity White Design. This is great choice to make the Natural White Purity design with Palimanan Stone Tiles for all building part.

Nihiwatu, Sumba Island (White Palimanan Stairs)
Source : Instagram/eesome.id

Benefit of White Palimanan Bali Stone

White Palimanan Bali stone has many benefit for building part. This White Bali Limestone has anti slip surface, temperature stable, smooth surface, can make to largest size, etc. In this Article we will explain some important benefit from White Palimanan Tiles. White Palimanan Stone can make the surface has anti slip ability. This White Palimanan Limestone characteristic is very important if we apply for Swimming Pool deck or wet location. It’s will make the Floor more safe for walking.

Villa Kirana by Pavana, Thailand (White Palimanan Floor Tiles)
Source : Instagram/asian.luxury.villas

White Palimanan Stone also has stable temperature. It’s because White Palimanan can absorb heat condition from environment. This Limestone characteristic will make the Bali Limestone Tiles more comfortable for walking without foot wear. Furthermore, This Bali Stone also has smooth face. This smooth face make this Bali Stone recommended for Swimming Pool Deck or Flooring near Swimming. This Limestone characteristic will make the White Palimanan surface more comfortable for walking without foot wear.

White Palimanan Bali Stone also know as soft rock Stone. This condition we can cut White Palimanan Limestone Tiles to largest size. If we make largest White Palimanan, we need to add more thickness for White Paliamanan Limestone Tiles.This Condition make we do not need more cost for Cutting largest size because this Natural Stone is more soft from another Natural Stine Indonesia. It’s also make White Palimanan Stone Tiles save more time to process It.

Substance of White Palimanan Bali Limestone

Villa Kirana by Pavana, Thailand (White Palimanan Pool Deck)
Source : Instagram/asian.luxury.villas

The substance from White Palimanan Bali Tiles is very important for some Architect. It’s important  To know more about this Natural Stone. This some substance Our White Palimanan Bali Limestone :

This substance has tested from Professional Lab Test in Indonesia. From Above picture, we can saw White Palimanan Limestone has many great substance. From the pH substance, We can saw White Palimanan Stone  has neutral pH. This pH condition make this stone safe for microorganism.

Finishing of White Limestone Tiles

White Palimanan Sawn Cut

White Limestone Tiles can finish with many finishing. This finishing is very important to know to choose best Finishing for Our project. White Limestone Tiles can finish to Sawn Cut Finishing, Honed Finishing, Bevel Finishing, Bullnose Finishing, Rough Face, Irregular Random, Bush Hammered, etc. In this Article we will tell some important finishing from White Bali Stone. First, It’s White Palimanan Stone Sawn Cut. Sawn Cut Finishing is first step to get Cut To size Finishing. This Finishing get after the White Bali Stone cut to size with machine. This Sawn Cut Finishing will make us get White Stone Tiles with not very Smooth Surface.

Honed White Palimanan Tiles

To make this Sawn Cut White Palimanan Tiles has more Smooth Face, We can Added White Palimanan Tiles Honed Finishing. Added Honed Finishing is very important, if we want to get more smooth surface. Usually Honed White Bali Limestone Apply for Swimming pool deck, Indoor Flooring and Floor near Swimming Pool. Add Honed Limestone Tiles Finishing to make the surface more comfortable when customer walking without foot wear.

Bullnose Limestone Wall Tiles

To add more Safe White Limestone Pool deck, we can add bullnose or bevel finishing. Bullnose or Bevel Finishing will make one side of White Limestone Floor Tiles has blunt side. This Round or bevel side will make the outer side more safe for children and Customers. Another Great Finishing we can add for Limestone Wall Tiles is Limestone Rough Tiles. This Limestone Rough Tiles will make the surface has natural Rough face. Rough face Limestone Wall Tiles has different thickness and texture. The differential because it’s like Natural Surface Stone.

Rough Face White Palimanan Stone

Another Great Finishing of White Limestone Tiles

Another Great Finishing is called Bush Hammered Finishing. Bush Hammered it’s one Finishing to get more Rough face of White Palimanan Stone Tiles with same thickness. This Finishing Usually to make more elegant Natural Rough surface White Limestone Floor Tiles or Wall tiles. Last Finishing has Elegant Style is Random Irregular White Palimanan Stone. White Palimanan Stone Tiles will make us get

Random Finsihing White Palimanan Stone

Sizing White Classic Palimanan Floor Tiles or Wall Tiles

White Limestone Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles can cut to many different size. For Honed, Sawn Cut and Bush Hammered Our Recommendation size are 10 x 10 x (1 or 2) cm, 20 x 10 x (1 or 2) cm, 20 x 20 x (1.3 or 2 cm), 30 x 30 x (2 or 3) cm, 60 x 30 x (2 or 3) cm, 60 x 60 x (2 or 3) cm. Our Recommendation size for White Classic Palimanan Tiles can apply for Walling and Flooring. for Paving, we recommended to add more thickness to keep it more endurance.

Bush Hammered White Palimanan Tiles

For Another Rough Face finishing, our recommendation size are 10 x 10 x (1 to 3) cm, 20 x 10 x (1 to 3) cm, 20 x 20 x (1 to 3), 30 x 30 x (1 to 3) cm. That Size it’s our Recommendation for This White Palimanan stone with Rough Face Finishing. We also can supply with random size white Limestone cladding. Please contact Our team for more detail. There detail table for Sizing of Bali Limestone :

Packing, Stuffing and Shipping White Palimo Limestone

For White Palimono Limestone, we using ISPM international standard. The International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) is an International Phytosanitary Measure developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the need to treat wood materials of a thickness greater than 6mm, used to ship products between countries (Source : wikipedia).

ISPM 15 Packing with Iron Belt

With This International Standard our White Palimono Limestone will more safe. Before we pack Our White Palimono Limestone to ISPM Box, We added some packaging and Styrofoam for the White Palimono Limestone Tiles. After that, we also add Iron belt for the ISPM box. This Iron belt can keep this Box always safe in shipping process.

Stuffing Process White Limestone Tiles

For stuffing process, we are using forklift with professional drive. This stuffing Process need professional driver because The Natural Stone has very high weight and not easy to move it. with Professional driver and team, we will setting the Natural Stone packing safe in shipping process.

Application of White Palimanan Bali Limestone

White Palimanan Bali Limestone Tiles can apply for Walling, Flooring, Stairs, Swimming Pool deck, Some Paving, etc. In this part we will give some application of this White Palimanan Bali Limestone Tiles :

White Palimanan Stone Tiles Walling

Special Indoor White Palimanan Stone

Little Size White Palimanan Walling

The Bale Resort Bali (White Limestone Wall Tiles)
Source : Instagram/goldahanjaya

The Royal Santrian Villas Bali (White Palimanan Limestone Floor Tiles)
Source : Instagram/nobbi23

The Royal Bali Villas, Canggu (Bali Stone Wall)
Source : https://www.getaroom.com.au

Alila Villas Uluwatu (Full White Limestone Tiles)
Source : Instagram/karenbaby1108

Hideaway Villas Uluwatu (Seecial White Palimanan Stone Tiles)
Source : Instagram/hideawayvillasbali