Naka Island is a famous resort in Phuket. It is a private island near a beach. It makes this resort look more beautiful and luxury than the other resorts. This resort gives many facilities and feel natural place. Stay in this resort is a great choice to refresh our mind and feel the nature.

Beach view
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We should try the best pool in Naka Island that is built using Green Sukabumi Stone. We can feel the sea breeze from this pool. Not all resorts provide this kind of pool. Naka Island Pool applied Green Sukabumi Stone because this stone gives a natural look. This stone is the best one for pool tiles.

Green Sukabumi Stone Pool 
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Why Should We Choose Green Sukabumi Stone ?

Green Sukabumi Stone is a luxury stone in the world because it can make the pool clean, fresh, natural, etc. That is some benefits from Green Sukabumi Stone. This stone has been applied in the best Swimming Pool in the world. This stone can be found only in Indoensia, If you need more information about this stone, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Swimming Pool Green Sukabumi Stone
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Naka Island applied traditional houses to give the nature look. This resort has great values, such as quiet place, near beautiful beach, etc. We can feel a peaceful and fresh place. We should try all facilities in this resort. So, we can feel better and fresh after the vacation.

Awesome Green Sukabumi Stone
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That is our review about Naka Island, Phuket Thailand with Green Sukabumi Stone Pool. We hope this article can give you information about this resort. Thanks for reading our article. For more review, please check on our website. We will be glad to answer all of your questions. So, please do not hesitate to contact us.