Andesite Stone Tiles is one best Andesite Flooring Tiles Indonesia. Andesite Stone name come from Andes Mountain. This Andesite Stone Tiles was form in Volcanoes mountain. The Andesite Natural Stone Tiles come from cold of Lava fluid in High Temperature. That Lava Fluid when come out to Outer Mountain will cold and form to Andesite Stone Tiles. After Get Andesite Largest Rock, we should crash to little rock with largest machine and after that, it move for production.

Gray Andesite Stone Tiles

Andesite Stone Tiles also know as Hardness Stone Tiles. This Andesite Stone Tiles has very high density and high Hardness. This condition make this Bali Natural Stone very hard to crack or broken. This high hardness make Andesite Stone Tiles can apply to many building part like Swimming Pool, Swimming Pool Deck, Flooring, Walling, Stairs, Paving, etc.

Flamed Andesite Texture

The Andesite Stone Tiles is one best choice for Paving with high pressure. The Paving with Andesite Stone Tiles will more Endurance for long time and look very Natural. To get best Design and Andesite Tiles, We should buy it from Professional Andesite Stone Supplier. Our Andesite Manufacture, ready to your Andesite Stone Supplier. We will give best Quality and best service. More Information about Our Andesite Stone Supplier, Please Contact Us.

Type of Andesite Stone Tiles

Andesite Stone with Black Spot

Andesite Stone Tiles Type has two different Type of Natural Stone. The Two Type of Andesite Stone Tiles are Black Spot Andesite Stone and Plain Stone Tiles. First, we will explain about Black Spot Gray Andesite Stone Tiles. Black Spot Gray Andesite Stone Indonesia has Some Black Spot on the Surface. This Gray Black Spot Andesite will make the Andesite Look more interesting when Applied corresponding with the design.

Plain Andesite Stone

Another Gray Andesite Stone has Plain Material. This Plain material look this Andesite like usually Natural Stone Surface. This Andesite Stone Indonesia will look more Exclusive, when we want to give Plain Gray Appearance for Our Walling or Flooring. We can Choose the best Material for Our Wall and Floor when it’s corresponding with the design.

Benefit of Andesite Stone Tiles 

Andesite Tiles Indonesia has many benefit for Andesite Tile Floor, Wall Tiles, etc. There are some benefit of Andesite Tiles Indonesia are make the Floor anti slip floor, can endurance for all condition, stable temperature, low absorption rate, can apply for many building part. First, we will explain about anti slip ability. This Andesite Tile Floor Stone will very safe for walking when wet condition.

Slate Andesite Wall Tiles

Second, Andesite Stone Tiles has very endurance material. This condition make this Andesite tiles Indonesia can apply for many building part. Especially, apply for Paving with High pressure. This Andesite Stone Tiles will make the The building part can Endurance for very long time. Andesite Tiles Indonesia also can make the walling or flooring has stable temperature. This Stable temperature will make the environment more cold condition.

Last, Andesite Tiles Indonesia has very low absorption rate. This condition make we can apply This Bali Andesite Tile Indonesia to Swimming Pool Tiles. With Low Absorption rate, The swimming Pool will not consume more water. This all some Benefit from Bali Andesite Tiles Indonesia. More information about it, Please don’t hesitate to contact Us.

Finishing of Bali Andesite Tiles Indonesia

Andesite Stone Sawn Cut

Bali Andesite Tiles Indonesia can Finishing with many type. To choose best finishing, we should apply this Andesite Tiles Indonesia corresponding with the design and Building Part. With right Finishing and corresponding with the design and Building part, we will get very interesting and endurance Tiles. There some Finishing we can apply for Andesite Stone Tiles are Sawn Cut Finishing, Honed Finishing, Polish, Flamed, Irregular Random, Rough Face, Cobble Stone, etc.

Bali Andesite Stone Honed

First, We can Make Sawn Cut Bali Andesite Tiles Indonesia. Sawn Cut Bali Andesite Tiles Indonesia is finishing to get cut to size Andesite Tiles Indonesia with machine cut. Sawn Cut Finishing will make us not get very smooth Surface. To get more Smooth Surface, We can add Honed Finishing. Honed Finishing will make the Stone has smooth surface. This Honed Finishing very recommended to apply for Swimming Pool Deck. It’s make the Swimming Pool Deck will more comfortable for walking. Another Elegant Finishing for wall Tiles is Rough Face Finishing. Rough Face Finishing will make us get Natural Andesite Tiles surface. This natural Surface has different thickness and more interesting.

Andesite Stone Rough Face

Another Finishing usually apply for paving is Cobble Stone and Flamed Finishing. First, Flamed Finishing. This Flamed Finishing will make the Andesite Tiles has Rough face with same thickness. This very important to make the Andesite Tiles more rough face but with some thickness. Usually this Finishing apply for Paving. Next, Cobble Stone Finishing. Andesite Cobble Stone will make the natural stone has unique style and more hardness tiles. This Cobble Stone Finishing is very good for Paving Tiles.

Flamed Andesite Tiles

Cobble Stone Gray Andesite Stone

Sizing of Andesite Tile Floor and wall Indonesia

Andesite Tiles floor or Walling can Sizing with many different Size. There some recommended Size for This Andesite Andesite Tiles. Gray Andesite Tiles with Honed, Polish, Sawn Cut, Flamed can to Sizing to 10 x 10 x 1 cm, 20 x 20 x 1 cm, 20 x 10 x 1 cm, 15 x 15 x 1 cm and 30 x 30 x (1 to 2) cm, 20 x 40 x (1 or 2) cm, 30 x 60 x (1 or 2) cm, etc. For Another Custom Size, Please don’t hesitate to contact Us.

Andesite Wall Tiles With Combination Finishing

For Cobble Stone Andesite, Our Recommendation size are 10 x 10 x (2 or 3) cm, 20 x 10 (2 or 3) cm, 20 x 20 x (2 or 3) cm. This recommendation based on the process of Cobble Stone .It’s need more time to process this finishing then other Finishing. Last finishing is Rough Face Finishing. Our Recommendation for this finishing are 10 x 10 x (1 to 3) cm, 20 x 20 x (1 to 3) cm, 20 x 10 x (1 to 3) cm, 15 x 15 x (1 to 3) cm and 30 x 30 x (1 to 3) cm. There Detail table for Andesite Stone Sizing :

Packing and Stuffing of Gray Andesite Tiles

We are using High Quality Packaging to keep the natural Stone safe in the Shipping Process. We apply International ISPM 15 standard to the pacakaging.  In wikipedia, International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) is an International Phytosanitary Measure developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the need to treat wood materials of a thickness greater than 6mm, used to ship products between countries.

ISPM 15 Standard Packgaing

So, with ISPM Standard Packaging, Our Gray Andesite Tiles will more safe during the shipping process. We also add Iron straps to tied the ISPM Box. The Iron strap make the Box always safe and far away from cracking in Shipping Process. For Stuffing process, we are using Forklift. Our Driver has many experience in stuffing process. It make the Stuffing and position of the Box in Container will always save in Shipping process.

Application Gray Andesite Tiles Indonesia

Gray Andesite Tiles Indonesia can apply for Walling, Flooring, Paving, Swimming Pool Tiles, Swimming Pool Wall, Stairs, etc. There some application of Andesite Stone Tiles :

Flamed Bali Andesite Stone Tiles Flooring

Bali Andesite Stone Tiles for Flooring

Gray Bali Andesite for Paving

Gray Andesite Paving

Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa (Andesite Swimming Pol Deck)
Source : Instagram/wen_ge_

The Shorea, Malaysia (Andesite Pool Tiles)
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The Royal Purnama Villas (Andesite Cobble Stone Paving)
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Four seasons resort jimbaran (Andesite Swimming Pool Deck)
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The Four Season NAM HAI, Vietnam (Andesite Floor Tiles)
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