Java Brown Flagstone is the best natural stone from Indonesia. This stone has unique characteristics. Brown Slate Stone can be found in slate stone volcanoes. This stone was formed in high temperatures of volcanoes and got cold each layer. It has different thickness and random sizes.

Java Flagstone Tiles Walling

That characteristic make Java Brown Flagstone durable in a long time and in all conditions. Java Brown Flagstone has different thickness and natural surfaces. We need professional workers to install this stone. So, we can build a great walling and flooring. The right installation will make the wall and floor look beautiful.

Brown Flagstone Tiles Texture     

Java Brown Flagstone can be applied for outdoor wall, floor, stairs, etc. This stone will make the wall look natural. To get the high quality of Java Brown Flagstone, you should choose the best supplier. We are the best supplier that will give high quality products and great services. Our Natural Stone company is ready to supply your needs.

Types of Java Brown Flagstone

Brown Slate Stone Tiles

Java Brown Flagstone has two kinds of material. They are Brown Slate Stone and Black Slate Stone. Brown Slate Stone has a brown color and look more colorful because it has brown and black colors. We can find this stone in Java, Indonesia.

Black Slate Stone is full of black color. This stone is used by some architects to get natural black appearances. This stone is also found in Java, Indonesia. We can choose the best type Java Brown Flagstone based on the design. The right design that is suitable with the natural stone will make the wall or floor look beautiful and amazing.

Benefits of Java Brown Flagstone

Java Brown Flagstone gives many benefits for the building. In this chapter, we will explain about the benefit of Java Brown Flagstone. The benefits of this stone are; has stable temperature, anti slip, natural look, and durable in all conditions. The stable temperature makes the stone will not be hot because this stone can absorb the heat from the environment.

Java Brown Flagstone is anti slip. The flooring that used this stone will be safe in wet condition. Java Brown Flagstone can make the walling and flooring look beautiful and elegant. We can feel the nature from it’s random size and different thickness.  Another benefit is the endurance. Java Brown Flagstone is durable in a long time and in all conditions because this stone is very hard and has a good density. This stone can be applied in a high pressure paving.

Finishing of Java Brown Flagstone

This Natural Stone Tiles can be finished in Sawn Cut and Irregular Random Size. Sawn Cut Finishing is available in rectangular and square. This finishing has different thickness. It is around 1 – 4 cm. We can not make the same thickness, but we can select the range from 1 – 3 cm. This range will make the stone easy to install.

Brown FlagStone Tiles

Irregular Random Size Finishing looks more elegant and fantastic. To get a good installation from this finishing, we should choose professional workers. We will need more time to install it and also need good skills to get a good installation of Random Irregular Size Finishing.

Sizes of Java Brown Flagstone

Java Brown Flagstone is available in many sizes. We can produce sizes of 10 x 10 x (1 to 3) cm, 20 x 10 x (1 to 3) cm, 20 x 20 x (1 to 3), 30 x 30 x (1 to 3) cm. If you need large sizes, we can make it too. For more details, please see this table :

Slate Natural Stone Slabs Sizing

Packing and Stuffing of Outdoor Stone

For the packing of the stone, we apply International ISPM 15. This International ISPM standard used high quality woods with 6 mm thickness. In wikipedia, International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No. 15 (ISPM 15) is an International Phytosanitary Measure developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) that directly addresses the need to treat wood materials of a thickness greater than 6mm, used to ship products between countries.

With this packing, the stone will be safe during the shipping process. We also added iron straps to tie the ISPM Wood. We have used this iron strap and ISPM standard box to send our product to many countries in the world. For the stuffing process, we have professional drivers and good forklifts. So, the stone will be safe during the stuffing process until it is arrived to your country.

Applications of Java Brown Flagstone

We can apply Java Brown Flagstone for cladding wall, floor tiles, wall tiles, stairs, pool wall, pool deck, etc. There some applications of this stone :

Natural Java Flagstone Tiles

The Royal Purnama Villas (Slate Floor Tiles)
Source : Instagram/joheyjin

Hanging Garden, Ubud (Amazing Brown Slate Stone Tiles Walling)
Source : Instagram/ira_mahesa

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