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Review : Nihiwatu Sumba Island, Indonesia (Green Sukabumi Stone, White Palimanan Stone)

https://youtu.be/Dz_0pOXxedU Nihiwatu is located in Sumba Island. This hotel is the best hotel in the world because it gives a fantastic experience in Sumba. The hotel is located around the forest and natural location. This hotel achieved the best hotel

Review : Grecotel Casa Marron, Greece (Green Sukabumi Stone)

https://youtu.be/OarkHNDMXEY Grecotel Casa Marron in Greece has a luxury and natural concept. This hotel is located near a forest and beach. We can enjoy the nature at the beach. There are many facilities that we can find in this hotel,

Review : Niramaya Villas, Douglas, Australia (Green Sukabumi Stone, White Palimanan Stone)

https://youtu.be/6MPYjnVDxC4 Nirmaya Villa is located in Douglas, Australia. This Villa provides many services and facilities for visitors, such as spa, swimming pool, and other offers. It has an awesome location, surrounded by trees (in a forest). We can find the

Review : Hotel Villa Amazônia, Brazil (Green Sukabumi Stone)

https://youtu.be/8486aKegDp4 Hotel Villa Amazonia Brazil is a luxury hotel in Brazil. It has a natural concept that is more satisfying. The concept is Amazon Forest. In this villa, we can feel the natural place. This concept can be found on

Review : The Jungle Fish Ubud, Bali (Green Sukabumi Stone, Black Lava Stone)

https://youtu.be/sp6Nwtmcj6g The Jungle Fish Ubud is the best hotel in Bali. It was built near a forest to feel the nature of Bali. It also has infinity services and facilities. It has an amazing swimming pool near the forest. Visitors

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