The Jungle Fish Ubud is the best hotel in Bali. It was built near a forest to feel the nature of Bali. It also has infinity services and facilities. It has an amazing swimming pool near the forest. Visitors will be very happy and satisfied when they swim in that swimming pool because it has a unique design and large size.

Green Sukabumi Tiles for Pool
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In Jungle Fish Ubud, we can find a bar, fitness place, free Wifi, professional chef, and other facilities. This hotel also has an awesome swimming pool because it was built using natural stones of Indonesia. The pool was made of Green Sukabumi Stones and Black Lava Bali Stone Tiles.

Bali Lava Stone Walling 
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Best Swimming Pool with Green Sukabumi Tiles

Green Sukabumi Stones were applied for the pool’s wall and pool’s tiles. It makes the pool clean because the Green Sukabumi Stone has zeolite substances. The substance can destroy microorganisms in the water. Green Sukabumi Stone also has an anti slip surface. It is safe for us to swim or walk on it. The Green Sukabumi Stone is strong and durable. It also has a stable temperature.

Bali Lava Stone Pool Deck 
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For the pool deck, Jungle Fish Swimming Pool applied Black Lava Stones. Black Lava Stone Tiles is a great natural stone of Indonesia. It makes the swimming pool has a stable temperature, strong and durable, and looks elegant in black. This stone was formed in a high temperature. That is why this stone is strong and durable in all conditions. The special characteristic from Black Lava Stone is the air system. It will make the stone has a stable temperature.

Irregular Random Walling with Bali Lava Stone 
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Awesome Black Lava Stone Application

Bali Lava Stone was applied for some parts of walling in Jungle Fish Ubud. This stone was applied for walling in a random irregular finishing with different thickness. The irregular finishing makes the wall look wonderful and natural. The different thickness is an interesting art.

Another Bali Lava Stone Wall 
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