Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita is nestled on the east coast of Mauritius. This resort stands as a beacon of luxury amidst breathtaking natural surroundings, boasts awe-inspiring views of the Indian Ocean, and is surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Besides that, the resort also offers a world of refined experiences, from world-class dining and accommodations to unparalleled recreational activities and rejuvenating spa treatments. Each room is designed to immerse guests in comfort and style while incorporating elements of Mauritius’s vibrant culture. Private pools, expansive terraces, and direct beach access are some of the features that elevate the stay to a truly indulgent experience.

The resort has many pools with green color and natural surrounding views. Those pools are often designed to blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, incorporating elements of the lush gardens, ocean views, and the overall tropical ambiance of Mauritius. The pools are thoughtfully designed to complement the overall luxury and natural beauty of the resort. To harmonize with the surrounding natural environment, Four Season Resort Mauritius at Anahita use natural stones for several parts. Incorporated into the architecture, interiors, or outdoor spaces, natural stone adds a sense of authenticity and local charm to the luxurious setting. Let’s discover the natural stone used in this resort below :

Bali Andesite for Flooring

Bali Andesite stone exists in Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita. This stone is used in several parts of this resort on the floor. This stone is indeed one of the best flooring tiles as it has good density and is durable for a long time. Some people use it for driveways, pathways, and carports. One of the reasons that the best choice applies this stone for flooring is strength and durability. Bali Andesite stone can be provided to Honed, Sawn Cut, Flamed, Roughface, Cobble, and Random Irregular. The smooth surface is owned by the Honed finish and the unique finish is Random Irregular. The finish used will depend on where to apply.

Bali Andesite (Flamed random irregular)

The unique finish of this stone is a Random Irregular finish. This type can be applied to floors and walls. At Four Seasons Resort Mauritius, this stone is used for flooring and it will build random patterns to give a unique appearance. Random Irregular finish increased the traditional ambiance through the different shapes and sizes of each stone.

Bali Lava Stone with Rough face

Bali Black Lava stone originates from volcanic eruptions, where molten lava rapidly cools to form a porous, dark-colored rock. At Four Seasons Resort Mauritius, Black Lava stone with a rough face finish is applied on the edge of the entrance. Bali Black Lava stone has characteristics that many pores or tiny holes in the stone. These holes make the stone have a cold system, water and air can flow through these holes. The stone also has color variations from black to grey. The popular and common use finish is Honed and Sawncut. Honed has a smoother finish than others, but still anti-slip feature. Sawn Cut finish is the finish created by machine cut. This stone is also durable for a long time in any condition.

Bali Black Lava (Random Irregular)

Another finish of Bali Black Lava stone is a random irregular finish. Four Seasons Resort Mauritius at Anahita uses stone for walling. Black Lava with a random irregular finish seamlessly blends nature’s ruggedness with a refined aesthetic. This finish adds a touch of rustic charm to any setting. Among the various finishes available for black lava stone, the random irregular finish stands out for its natural appeal and versatility.

Cream Palimanan Stone

Bali Cream Palimanan can be found in Four Season Resort Mauritius at Anahita in a few parts of the building. This stone was applied on the floor nearest the pool and terrace. This stone can be applied for flooring and walling. The advantages of using this stone are stable temperature, a large size, and smooth surface. Although smooth surface, it still has anti-slip feature, so it will be safe to install in a wet area and walk barefoot on it. Common finishing use is Honed finish for floor or wall as it has smooth surface than others.

Premium Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

Four Season Resort Mauritius at Anahita also using Bali Green Sukabumi for their pool. Bali Green Sukabumi will provide a natural green color inside the water. This stone has a substance that can destroy microorganisms in the water. The substance is called Zeolite. Zeolite can help to keep water to stay clean and purify. Other benefit of this stone is its anti-slip feature with it. As a common finish to use is the Honed finish which has smoother finish than others, its surface is still slip-resistant. Honed finish makes it comfortable to walk barefoot on it.