Kudat Riviera has an amazing concept. It has a private villa in a beach. We will get the best quality of private villa. Kudat Riviera is located in Sabah Malaysia. This villa has a private pool and beautiful garden. It is a great villa to stay in our vacation. We can feel the beautiful place with a private swimming pool.

Bali Green Pool Tiles
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Awesome Green Sukabumi Pool

Kudat Riviera Villa applied natural stones for the flooring, walling, and swimming pool. It makes Kudat Riviera Villa looks beautiful and natural. Kudat Riviera Villa chose the best Natural Stone for the swimming pool. The green stones make the water looks green naturally.

Green Pool Tiles 
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Bali Green Pool is a great choice for a swimming pool because it makes the pool looks beautiful and elegant, free from microorganisms, stable temperatue, durable, etc. The substance of Green Sukabumi Stone can destroy microorganisms. The subtance is Zeolite. This substance is usually used for water purifier.

Green Pool Tiles for Walling
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Kudat Riviera also applied Green Sukabumi Stone for the pool wall. The wall application used a different finishing with Pool Tiles. Green Sukabumi Stone for pool wall used Rough Face finishing. This finishing makes the pool looks beautiful and natural. Green Sukabumi Stone has been applied by many hotels and villas in the world because this stone is better than the other natural stones.

Amazing Bathroom with Green Sukabumi Tiles
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Green Sukabumi Stone is also used for indoor application. This stone is also applied for the bathroom wall. This stone makes the bathroom looks natural and hard to break or dirty. This is a great stone to be applied in every building. That is the review about Kudat Riviera Sabah, Malaysia. We hope this article give you information. For more information, please contact us.