Amanjiwo is one wonderful Hotel in Indonesia because this Hotel located near the Wonders of the World in Indonesia. Amanjiwo Located Borobudur Temple. The Amanjiwo Hotel has very infinity style and material building. It’s made like Borobudur temple with The greatest Natural Stone in Indonesia. The Amanjiwo also has unique style with large building. We also will get premium facilities in this Hotel.

Amanjiwo Yellow Stone Building
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The Traditional Yellow Palimanan Stone

We will review Amanjiwo from the Building style. First, Amanjiwo apply unique Yellow Natural Stone for the Walling and Flooring. The Yellow Palimanan Stone will make the Amanjiwo has peaceful place and nature feeling. With Yellow Palimanan Stone, the Flooring will more soft for walking without foot wear and it’s also has good temperature. In some Walling, Amajiwo also apply Yellow Palimanan Stone. Different from the Yellow Palimanan Stone is the Unique Yellow Line of Yellow Palimanan Stone Tiles.

Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Swimming Pool
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Sukabumi Stone Tiles Swimming Pool 
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Next, The Building roof of Amanjiwo Hotel has build like Borobudur temple. It’s using same material like Borobudur temple. The Roof of Amanjiwo Building is using Lava Stone Tiles. It’s will make the Building has unique Black Apperance. Lava Stone Tiles is one best Natural Stone because can survive for long time. The application we can saw from the Borobudur temple.

Roof Amanjiwo Building
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Luxury Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles

Amanjiwo Hotel also provide Luxury Swimming Pool. The Swimming Pool has elegant Green appearance. It’s using Sukabumi Stone Tiles. Sukabumi Stone Tiles is one best Natural Stone from Indonesia country. This Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles will make the Swimming Pool has more clean and fresh water, Anti slip material, Temperature stable and more endurance. more detail about this stone, please check Article Green Sukabumi Stone in Product.

Amanjiwo Yellow Palimanan Stone Walling
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Amanjiwo is one luxury hotel because we will feel very nature and peacefully because located away from the city. We also can see Borobudur temple from this Amanjiwo Hotel. That’s all review about Amanjiwo hotel. For other review article, please check our Website. For more detail about Sukabumi Stone Tiles, Yellow Palimanan Stone and  Yellow Palimanan Stone, Please contact Us. we will ready answer all of your Question.