The Alila Hotel brand is known for its luxurious and upscale properties, offering high-quality service and amenities. Alila Hotels typically focus on providing a unique and contemporary experience that combines modern design with elements of local culture. In the case of Luxury Alila Hotel Solo, it is located in Solo City, also known as Surakarta, in Central Java, Indonesia. The hotel is situated in a convenient location and offers easy access to various attractions, shopping areas, and dining options.

The hotel’s facilities and services may include well-appointed guest rooms and suites, a restaurant or multiple dining options, a bar or lounge area, a swimming pool, spa and wellness facilities, a fitness center, and possibly event or meeting spaces.Alila Hotel Solo may also feature a design that incorporates local elements and aesthetics, providing a unique sense of place. The staff is typically known for their professionalism and attentiveness, aiming to create a pleasant and memorable stay for guests.

Luxury Alila Hotel, Solo is one best hotel in Solo city. It’s have large swimming pool and elegant appearance with some natural stone. The Bali Natural Stone applied in the Alila Hotel Solo are Andesite Stone and Java Brown Slate Stone. Andesite Stone is appplied for Floor, paving and some pool deck. The Andesite Stone have high durabity and great hardness from other Stone. It’s make Andesite is great for floor or paving. The Andesite application for the floor is using Black and Gray Colour, It’s make the Floor have diffrent color and elegant view.

In Alila Hotel, Solo also applied Bali andesite Stone using Flamed Finishing. Andesite Stone with flamed finishing have natural flat face. The Flamed Finishing just can applied for Andestie Stone. Flamed Andesite also make the Face have more rough Surface. The benfit of Andesite Stone is more durable for outdoor because this stone can resistant mold in rain situation.

For outdoor walling of Alila Hotel Solo is applied Slate Stone with little Size, It’s make the Stone have brown appearance with little size stone. With Brown Slate Stone the Wall look more strong because it’s like using stone for the building. For applied Slate stone for outdoor walling it’s one best choice because brown slate stone can durable from many dirty in rain situation. For more durable, Some of the application is using sealant.

That our review about the Luxury Alila Hotel. We hope your side enjoy the Natural Stone review.