Amandari Resort is located in Ubud, Bali Island. Amandari Resort has serene vibes that represent nature life by the traditional culture. Amandari is surrounded by a valley that serves stunning views. This place will be perfect for people who want to escape for a while from the hustle of the city. This resort also offers luxury experience with a traditional concept as a way of reflecting and exploring Bali’s culture.

Surrounding Valley makes a good ambiance collaborating with the beautiful swimming pool. This pool uses natural stone which has a natural green appearance and slight yellow stone on the edges. A combination of Green Sukabumi and Yellow Palimanan stone is perfect and exists in Amandari to be an awesome view. Furthermore, we will explain some kinds of natural stones that are used in this resort.

The swimming pool in Amandari is the first infinity pool in Bali. Their pool is inspired by the emerald curve of the rice paddy. The pool uses Bali Green Sukabumi stone to make a look elegant. Bali Green Sukabumi has many benefits if used inside the pool. The stone has a substance that can purify and clean the water automatically, that is Zeolite. The substance can destroy microorganisms in the water, so the pool will look more clean.

Bali Black Lava Stone is also applied to the pool deck of the swimming pool. This stone will give a different appearance if combined with nature green from Bali Green Sukabumi stone. Bali Black Lava stone is one great stone for a pool deck because it has a smooth surface but still has anti-slip and stably temperature. Besides that, Bali Black Lava has a beautiful look in wet conditions. The color will more black.

Bali Yellow Palimanan is good to apply for walling and flooring. Amandari Resort uses Bali Yellow Palimanan stone near the pool. The floor with Bali Yellow Palimanan stone makes it have a yellow line appearance like sand and wood. This is a unique characteristic of Yellow Palimanan as it has a golden look with yellow lines on the surface. However, the surface is still smooth and comfortable to walk barefoot on it.

Another stone that applies in Amandari is the Bali Andesite stone in pathways. Bali Andesite stone has known characteristics as a hard stone because of its strength. In Amandari, andesite cobblestone type with flamed finish was chosen for pathways as this type is indeed suitable for paving. Cobblestone has a unique style and is harder because thicker than the regular type. Beside that, regular type for Andesite is also great to apply on the floor.

Bali Palimanan also applies with Bali Relief for walling. Some wall surrounds this hotel using this combination to get an ancient Balinese look. This stone is also great to use for walling. Finishing that is usually used is Honed finish, because this finish has a smoother surface. This stone is available in large sizes as well. A combination of Palimanan and Relief Wall Cladding makes an awesome appearance.