Samaya Seminyak is located in Bali. It is a great villa in bali. It is located near a beach. It is built with an awesome concept. We can enjoy the beach breeze in this villa. We can feel the nature here. This hotel has the best facilities, such as an elegant Swimming Pool in front of a beach, spa, best food and beverage, etc.

Green Sukabumi Stone Swimming Pool
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Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles for Pool
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The Awesome Green Sukabumi Stone

The swimming pool of Samaya Seminyak Bali was built using Green Sukabumi Stone. This stone give many benefits for the swimming pool. This stone makes the swimming pool free from microorganisms, stable temperature, anti slip (safe for walking), durable in all conditions, etc.

Sukabumi Stone Tiles for Swiming Pool
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Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles swimming Pool
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Those are some benefits of Sukabumi Stone. That is why this stone has been applied for many swimming pools in the world. Green Sukabumi Stone has Zeolite substances that can destroy microorganisms. This substance is usually used as a water purifier. Green Sukabumi is like Andesite Stone. It has a low absorption water. But the hardness, Andesite Stone is harder than Green Sukabumi Stone.

Green Sukabumi Stone
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Samaya Seminyak applied Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles for the swimming pool. We can swim and enjoy the beach breeze at the same time. This villa is a great choice to stay. It has great services and cheap price. That is our review about Samaya Seminyak Bali. We hope this article give you information. For more details, please contact us.