Oberoi, Mauritius is the greatest hotel in the world because it has the best architecture and the best material. This hotel applied many natural stones and natural woods with a natural design to make this hotel look beautiful and natural. The natural wood is applied for the building and the natural stone is applied for the flooring, swimming pool, and walling. This combination makes the hotel look natural and peaceful.

Bali Green Sukabumi Pool
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Oberoi, Mauritius applied black and green stones for the Swimming Pool. The green stone is called Green Sukabumi Stone and the black stone is Black Lava Stone. We will talk about Black Lava Stone. This stone is a famous stone in the world because it has been applied in many buildings, such as for the walling, flooring, pool deck, pool tiles, etc.

Black Lava Stone Tiles
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Black Lava Stone for Swimming Pool’s Deck

Black Lava Stone can be found in many countries but each country has a different texture and density. The special thing about Black Lava Stone is that it has tiny holes. The holes make the stone keep cold and stable in temperature. Black Lava Stone is applied in Oberoi pool deck and walling. We can see the amazing Black Lava Stone with random finishing for walling in this hotel.

Black Lava Stone Tiles for Wall
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Black Lava Stone totally looks black in a wet condition. Wet condition makes the swimming pool look beautiful and elegant. It is more beautiful when we combine it with Green Sukabumi Stone. Green Sukabumi Stone has been applied in many hotels in the world, especially in Bali. This stone can be found only in Indonesia.

Bali Green Sukabumi
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Infinity Pool with Green Sukabumi Stone

When we apply Green Sukabumi Stone, we will get an elegant Natural look. Our swimming pool will be comfortable to use because this stone is very good for swimming pool. For more information about Black Lava Stone and Green Sukabumi Stone, please contact us. We will be glad to answer all of your questions.