The Oberoi Hotel Seminyak Bali Indonesia was built near a beach with views of gardens surrounding. The Oberoi Hotel seminyak is one of the greatest hotels in Bali Island because it offers the best beach view and natural feels of Bali. This Hotel makes the visitor feels comfortable and satisfied. The Oberoi Hotel has a Natural Bali concept to make the visitor feels the natural place of Bali. We can see from the application of some natural stones for walling, swimming pool, flooring, etc.

Sukabumi Green Tiles Walling
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Green Sukabumi Stones for Pool Wall and Tiles

First, we will review about the infinite swimming pool in Oberoi Hotel. This infinite swimming pool was built using the famous Green Sukabumi Stone from Indonesia. Green Sukabumi Stone is very comfortable for swimming pool because it can give many benefits when it is applied for a swimming pool. Green Sukabumi Stone has a Zeolite substance. Zeolite substance will make the water cleaner from microorganisms.

Sukabumi Green Tiles For Pool
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Palimanan White Stone
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Without microorganisms, the swimming pool has fresher and cleaner water. But, we also need the right maintenance to make the pool keep clean. We also need to choose the best supplier to get the high quality of Green Sukabumi Stone, because a high quality Tiles will make the pool has the best appearance and hard to broken. Green Sukabumi Stone was also applied by many Luxury Hotels and Villas in the world to build a natural green swimming pool.

Palimanan White Stone Pool Deck
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The next stone is Palimanan White Stone. This stone is used for Walling and Flooring near swimming pools. White Palimanan Stone gives the best white classic appearance. White Palimanan Stone is a soft rock, that makes this stone easy to form with a low weight. This stone is also good for swimming pool flooring because it is very smooth for walking. White Palimanan Stones in Oberoi Hotel was applied using a special random finishing to get the more natural look.

Palimanan White Stone Walling
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White Palimanan Stones can be applied for indoor or outdoor. In Oberoi, White Palimanan Stone was also applied for indoor walling. On the picture above, we can see White Palimanan Stones in indoor walling. That is the review of The Oberoi Hotel Seminyak Bali, Indonesia. For more review and information, please check on our website. For detail information about natural stones, please do not hesitate to contact us.