Bali is island with many beautiful resort in the world because bali is one best tourism resort in the world. In this article, we will share another hotel with luxury and awesome place for stay. The hotel is Luxury Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa. Seminyak Beach Resort & spa is wonderful resort for stay because near seminyak beach and have a luxury building and Pool. The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa have many facilities for stay and holiday. The Facilities we can get are Swimming Pool with Beach View, Spa, Comfortable Villa for stay, Private Pool, etc.

Bali Pool with Bali Stone Tiles
Source : IG @The Seminyak Beach Resort Spa

With that facilities, we can stay with maximum time and more relax in Bai island. The Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa also can provide wedding and many luxury event like Miss Indonesia Contest, etc. This event make this resort have many memorized and beautiful things. Seminyak Beach Resort & Spa also have many building with great design and architecture. That interior and design of building make the hotel have modern with natural appearance because this resort apply many Natural Stone for the building and pool.

The Luxury Pool in the Seminyak Resort
Source : IG@lightkeyphotography.

Bali Natural Stone Tiles apply for this resort are apply for flooring, some wall, Pool Deck, Pool floor & pool wall. The application are using many best Bali Stone Tiles in Indonesia like Bali Green Sukabumi Stone, Bali Lava Stone, Bali Andesite Stone and Bali White Palimanan Stone. First we will explain about the Bali Green Sukabumi Stone. The Green Sukabumi Stone have apply for pool wall and Pool Floor. It’s make the Pool have natural Green Appearance.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone
Source : IG @tengkudewiputri_tdp.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone is one luxury and famous Bali Stone Tiles in the world because have many benefit for pool. The benefit will we get after apply this Stone are have Natural Green looks, water will more clean, have apply to many swimming pool in the world, Luxury and Fresh Looks, etc. This Bali Green Sukabumi Stone can make the pool more clean because have zeolit material. the Zeolit can absorb some of the dirty material in the pool. For more detail, your side can check to our article about the Sukabumi Stone product.

Bali Pool Deck with Lava Stone
Source : IG @Kuliner Travel Lifestyle Hotel

Another Great stone apply to this resort are Black Lava Stone. Black Lava Stone are applied for the Pool deck. Bali Lava Stone Tiles is one great choice for pool deck because more the Stone cool and not slip in the pool. Black Lava Stone applied with Honed Finishing. This finishing make the Lava stone have more smooth Surface.

Bali Wahite Palimanan Walling
Source : IG @The Seminyak Beach Resort Spa

Some pool deck also apply another Bali Stone. The Bali Stone Tiles is Bali White Palimanan Stone. Bali White Palimanan Stone have White appearance and great texture for pool deck. The White Palimanan Stone make the Pool deck more suitable and cool because characteristic of this stone. Bali White Palimanan Stone make the Pool deck get classic and natural appearance like the white sand in the beach. It’s make this stone is great stone for pool deck.

Bali Cobble Andesite for Paving
Source : IG @The Seminyak Beach Resort

Bali Andesite for Walling
Source : IG @The Seminyak Beach Resort

Another Stone applied for this Seminyak Beach Resort & spa is Bali Andesite Stone. This kind of stone have great hardness from another Bali Stone Tiles. This stone can using Flamed Finishing to get more rough and natural Finishing for the surface. Usually this Andesite stone can using for paving and also good for flooring. Bali Andesite Stone is good for paving because of the hardness and durable from heavy item like car.

Brown Flagstone Random Irregular
Source : IG @Rama Duta Bali

Last Stone applied for this resort is Brown Java Flagstone. The Brown Java Flagstone Applied for the flooring with grass. This application not using cement but just install to the open soil. The Brown Java Flagstone have natural random size and thickness. This also can cut to size to get size as we want but can not very precision because it’s should cut 1 by 1 and not smooth in the surface.