Chedi Muscat a GHM hotel, Oman is a great hotel in Oman. This hotel is located near a beach. We can see the beach when we stay in this hotel. We will get an unforgettable moment of our holiday. Chedi Muscat a GHM hotel Oman provides good services, such as laundry, fitness center, swimming pool, restaurant and bar. We can enjoy the holiday in this hotel.

Black Lava Pool Tiles
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Swimming Pool Near Beach 
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Elegant Black Lava Stone Pool

Chedi Muscat a GHM hotel Oman made the building and facilities using high quality materials. It provides a great swimming pool. The swimming pool was made using natural stones. The natural stone that is applied is Black Lava Pool Tiles. Black Lava Stone is a great choice for swimming pool because it will give a black look and benefits to the pool.

Black Lava Pool Tiles Detail
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Black Lava Stone makes the pool’s temperature always stable, strong and durable because this stone is formed in a high temperature of volcanoes mountain. This is an anti slip stone. The unique style from this stone is the tiny holes. The holes make it’s condition keep cold and stable. Another stone is White Natural Stone that was applied for flooring.

White Limestone Floor Tiles
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White Palimanan Stone Flooring

White Stone is for the floor. White Palimanan Stone gives a great look of white because this color looks like beach sand. White Palimanan Stone has a unique characteristic than the other natural stone. It can be formed in a large size. The large size needs more thickness. The size of stone in Chedi Muscat a GHM hotel Oman is 60 x 30 cm. This stone has a cheaper price than the other natural stones.

White Limestone Floor Application 
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