Dinso Resort & Villas Phuket has a beautiful landscape of Patong Beach. This resort is suitable for recharging yourself to escape from the crowd of daily activity. To be mindful and meaningful need time to relax our body and soul. Align with this, wealth and health would be following increase. Dinso Resort & Villas Patong represents naturalness with tranquility vibes. Perfect balance ambiance between austere beauty and rustic charm. In simplicity can feel an amazing experience while indulging your senses.

All pools in Dinso Resort & Villas Phuket bring nature and a tranquil ambiance. Those pools create breathtaking landscapes as it is surrounded by lush greeneries. Perfect combines the natural green color from nature and natural stone uses. The pools in this resort use natural stone, which can be called Bali Green Sukabumi stone. The created color can improve real nature to relax your mind and soul. This resort also represents simplicity besides tranquility and naturalness that is nestled in nature which is inspired by the Wabi-Sabi philosophy. Besides Bali Green Sukabumi, there are some natural stones found in Dinso Resort & Villas Phuket.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Honed Finishing

Dinso Resort & Villas Phuket was chosen Bali Green Sukabumi for their pools in the resort. Finishing of the stone is Honed finish. This finish has a smoother finish than others, but it still has anti-slip features even if the surface is smooth. This way will keep safe if walk on this, no need to worry about slipping. Best choice to use this stone for inside the pool. This stone also has Zeolite substance for benefits, it can destroy microorganisms in the pool. This substance can help to maintain the pool by cleaning and purifying the water.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Rough Face

In the wall part of the pool area, Bali Green Sukabumi stone was applied with Rough face finish. This finish will represent a natural appearance. Rough face finish is popular as it has a unique style to give a natural look. The pool looks more beautiful with the wall uses this finish. The combination of the green color with this finish is the best choice to improve nature vibes in beautiful way.

Bali Black Lava Stone Pool Deck

Other natural stone that exist in Dinso Resort & Villas Phuket is Bali Black Lava stone. This stone is used in the wall outside of the pool. This stone has unique characteristics such as having many pores in the stone. It can help the stone can manage the temperature in the stone. This stone has a stable temperature system and black elegant color. The black color matched if combined with the green color from Green Sukabumi. The combination can help to improve its beautiful appearance.

Bali Gray Andesite Stone Flooring

Bali Andesite Stone was also used in Dinso Resort & Villas Phuket in the area of the pathway. Besides that, this stone is also used for decking pool. Bali Andesite stone combined with Bali Green Sukabumi in pool area can be options for appearance reference. Andesite is known as hard stone. This stone has good density and strength, it make Bali Andesite stone suitable for paving. This stone has a stable temperature and high durability, it makes the stone can manage the temperature according to the outside temperature.