Little Paradise in Bali is Ubud because have many hidden and secret resort with natural garden view. The One new Hotel in Ubud is Cretya Ubud. Cretuya Resort is provide paradise resort with natural view. This Luxury resort also have very awesome and large swimming pool. The swimming pool also have forest view and have very luxury design.

In this article we will explain what kind natural stone are using for this Resort. For the swimming Pool, It’s  apply many Natural stone like Green Sukabumi Stone for Pool  Tiles and pool wall, Black Lava stone for Pool deck and Pool wall, some area with Gray andesite Stone. That combination stone make the pool have elegant and luxury appearance.

Green Sukabumi Stone pool and Lava Stone Pool deck
Source : IG @Cretya Ubud

Bali Green Sukabumi have apply to many part of the luxury swimming pool. This make the pool have elegant green appearance. The pool with Green Sukabumi Stone have many benefit, likes can make the pool more clean because can absorb some dirty material. It’s because Green Sukabumi Stone have Zeolite material. 

Bali Black Lava Pool Deck
Source : IG @Cretya Ubud

The Next stone apply for the some wall and pool deck it’s Black Lava Stone. This Black lava stone will give elegant black appearance with different black color. Black Lava Stone also one great stone for pool deck because have have anti slip material, have little holes make the pool deck more cool and not hot and also more durable.

Black Lava Pool Wall (Rough Face)

Another stone apply for some floor and stair is Gray Andesite Stone. Gray Andesite Stone is one stone with great and strong for walking in out door area, especially for stairs. This make the Andesite stone more heavy from other natural stone. with this gray andesite stone, the floor will need little maitenance and will durable for long time.

Gray Andesite Stone Strais

That our review for Cretya Ubud, Bali Stone. we hope your side enjoyable our review. For more information about natural stone product please check in out product.