The Bal’e Villas Taiwan is one famous villas in taiwan. Bal’e Villas Taiwan provide many luxury experience and bring the Natural place in the villas. This Villa have similar with The Bale Nusa Dua Bali. It’s make the Bal’e Villas Taiwan is like Bali Villa and feel more nature likes in bali island. The Bal’e Villas Taiwan have bring many exterior and interior from Bali villa style like apply natural stone for some wall , pool and Floor.

The Bali Stone apply in the Bal’e Villas Taiwan are Bali Kerobokan Stone, Bali Green Sukabumi Stone, Bali White Palimanan Stone, Bali Yellow Palimanan Stone, Bali Black Lava Stone, Carving Stone and Terazzo Bathup. That Bali Natural Stone Bring in this hotel make the hotel have different style in some area and place.

Awsome Bali Kerbokan Stone Walling
Source IG : Evanna0628

First famous natural Stone is Bali Kerobokan Stone. Bali Kerobokan Stone is favorite Bali Stone Tiles in Bali because have traditional appaerance. It’s make the building will have nature and traditional feeling like bali temple. Bali Kerobokan Is great for building because have unique black polka dot with traditional color. With This Stone we can feel more comfort with the nature.

Bali Kerobokan Wall
Source : IG @Chien-Fang Su

Another Bali Stone Apply for Swimming Pool Tiles is Bali Green Sukabumi Stone. The famous Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles that bring from Indonesia is one best pool tiles in the world. It’s because the Bali Green Sukabumi have many benefit for pool Tiles. Especially have nature Green Color and have Zeolite material that can clean the Swimming Pool tiles. For more detail about Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles, Please check in our Product.

Green Suakbumi Tiles
Source : IG @Arisa Hsu

Bali Green Suakbumi Pool Tiles
Source : IG @Evanna0628

Some of the Indoor Bal’e Villas Taiwan is applied White Palimanan Stone and some is Yellow palimanan Stone. The White Palimanan Stone give the Wall have White Classic view and very comfort for stay. The Bali White Palimanan is applied for bathroom and bedroom. It’s make the Place like nature place because white palimanan stone like white classic style.

Bali White palimanan Stone Wall Living Room
Source : IG @謝晴晴

Bali White palimanan Stone Wall with Painting
Source : IG @謝晴晴

For Yellow Palimanan Stone it’s applied for bathroom, It’s make the Wall have some yellow line likes Wood. Yellow Palimanan Stone is great choice for some yellow line and stone tiles for wall because it’s will look natural like sand. Yellow Palimanan also can combined with some Bali paiting, will bring our vacation to bali island.

Bali Yellow Palimanan Stone Wall with Bali Paiting
Source : IG @pylinpy

Bali Yellow Palimanan Stone Bathup
Source : IG @Sylvie Ho

Last Stone applied for some floor and Swimming Pool Wall is Black Lava stone. The Black Lava Stone give the Wall have natural Black Apperance and it’s also give best texture for the Pool deck and Pool wall. For pool deck, The Bali Black Lava stone is more comfortable from other stone because Bali black Lava Stone have tiny holes, make the air can flow to the stone and it’s also have great antislip material.

Bali Black Lava Pool Wall
Source : IG @謝晴晴

That our Review for the Luxury and fantastic design of The Bal’e Villas 牛眠 埔里, Taiwan. For more review, Please check in our article.