Amankila Bali is one luxury Hotel in Bali because is one of Aman Resorts. Aman Resort brand have many luxury resort in the world. The Aman Resort is bring traditional and luxury culture to the resort and all part of the Resort. In this article we will review about the Amankila in Bali. Amankila is wonderful resort because located near the beach.

The Amankila Resort Bali
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The Amankila Bali was bring the nature life with traditional and luxury for the building. Some wall and some pool is using natural stone with traditional cream color also with nature green appearance. With this design amankila make the hotel feels like in nature and traditional place. In this Article we will review about some natural stone tiles that apply for some wall, floor and for the pool tiles.

Amankila with Bali Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles

For the Pool Tile, the Amankila resort are using Bali Gren Sukabumi Stone. Bali green Sukabumi stone make the pool looks like nature appearance because have natural green appearance. Bali Green sukabumi Stone also one of the best pool tiles in the world because have applied for many luxury hotel. With using Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles, we can get more clean pool because have zeolit material in the Green Sukabumi stone.

Luxury Random Cream Palimanan Wall

For some wall of Amankila Bali resort apply random cut of Cream Palimanan Stone Tiles. This traditional Cream appearance make the Wall have awesome apperance. Cream Palimanan with random style will make the wall look more natural and more unique from other wall. To apply this random cut we also need great experience worker for install it.

Cream Palimanan Floor
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For pool deck and some floor it’s using Cream Palimnanan stone. Cream palimanan stone for floor is using sizing with honed finishing. Cream palimanan stone with Honed finishing will have smooth surface and very comfort for walking. The traditional Cream palimanan Stone also have anti slip surface and it’s like sand when walk barefoot.

That our review about Amankila Bali resort with bali stone tiles. For more detail about the Bali stone Tiles especially Cream Palimanan Stone and Green Sukabumi stone, Please check in our article. We also ready for send the sample.