Luxury Paradise Ayada Maldives is located in the beautiful island of pristine Gaafu Dhaalu Atoll in the south of the country. Ayada Maldives is one best resort in the maldives because have beautiful design and luxury resort in the beach. The resort is build above the beach, it’s make the resort is one wonderful dream to stay in the beach. Besides the small villa also provide the little swimming Pool.

Beach view from Sukabumi Pool Tiles
Source : IG @Ayada Maldives

The Ayada Maldives is one dream of many people to stay and take a rest near beach. From the Villa and the Pool we can feel more relax and peaceful from other activities. Ayada Maldives also using best material and design for the building and the swimming Pool. Another great facities in the Ayada is the Large and elagant main pool near the beach. We also will get best service, complete facilites and best holiday in the Ayada Maldives.

Private pool with Bali Green Sukabumi Pool Tiles
Source : IG @Ayada Maldives

For the swimming pool, the ayada maldives is apply Bali Green Sukabumi Stone. With this Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles, the pool will very comfort and elegant because have apply for many luxury pool the world especially in bali hotel. Bali Green Sukabumi Stone also give many benefit for the swimming pool. The benefit are the zeolite substance make the pool more clean, have elegant green appearance, anti slip and stably temperature.

Large Luxury main Pool

That is why the Bali Green sukabumi Stone apply for the many swimming pool tiles in the world. This tiles is durable for many condition like sunny place. Bali Green Sukabumi Stone just can from Indonesia country. For more detail about this Bali Green Sukabumi Tiles, please check in our product detail.

White Palimanan Stone with White sand

The Next Stone apply for the Ayada Maldives is White Palimanan Stone. To get Natural Stone tiles likes sand, we can apply Bali White Palimanan Stone. White Palimanan Stone in Ayada Maldives are apply for Floor. The Bali White Palimanan it’s make the Floor and decking near the Pool have elegant White Apperance and blends with the beautiful white sand of thies resort.

Green Sukabumi Pool with Black Pebble Stone
Source : IG @Ayada Maldives

To get more natural and elegant view, Ayada maldives also apply pebbles for the Pool drainage. With the Black Pebble Stone, make the Pool more clean. With black Pebble stone, the Pool drainage will more elegant. The Pebble is one natural stone can found from Indonesia, The pebble also apply for garden, Aquarium, Floor, etc. The pebbles stone is great because will more stably temperature from other materials.