The Chandari Heaven is New tourist and restaurants from Yogyakarta. This venue is open early 2022. The Resort location is near from Prambanan Temple and located on the hill. It’s make the Chandari Heaven amazing view from the resort. From Chandari Heaven we can saw many iconic view from Yogyakarta like famous Merapi Mountain view and Prambanan Temple view.  We also can see amazing Green natural view of Yogyakarta from the Chandari Heaven.

Chandari Heaven also have awesome building and a very beautiful swimming Pool. In this place we are can very enjoyable the natural view and also the natural concept of this building. The Building concept build with Natural Stone product, Especially from Black Lava Stone. It’s make the building have same  view as Prambanan Temple. The Building applied Black Lava Stone for the Wall and floor. It’s make the Building full cover with the Black Lava Stone.

Black Lava Stone that applied for the Chandari Heaven have many type finishing. For some wall is using Black Lava stone with Rough / Split Face Finishing. This Split Face Finishing make the wall have natural look because the Rough Face get from Natural Black Lava Stone Skin. This Rough Face finishing make the wall look like natural wall and have random size finishing.

For flooring and  some wall apply Lava stone with Honed Finishing. This Honed finishing make the floor or wall have flat surface. The view of black lava stone make the building is very natural and iconic view like Temple. Some wall also using the Lava Stone relief to get appearance like in temple.

Other stone applied in Chandari Heaven is Bali Green Sukabumi Stone. This Stone Applied for luxury swimming Pool. With this Bali Green Sukabumi Stone, the Pool have Natural Green Appearance and luxury pool because like Pool from Bali.

Last stone applied in Chandari Heaven is Gray Andesite Stone. This type of stone have gray appearance and very strong stone because it’s make from Hard rock. The Andesite Stone apply for some flooring or paving in Chandari Heaven. The Andesite Stone applied for Chandari Heaven is Flamed Finishing. This Stone also applied for Pool coping, It’s make the pool have 2 type of natural stone appearance.

That our review and inspiration from the Chandari Heaven. This natural concept make the resort very famous in Yogyakarta. Also the Restaurant is good place for stay before going to another place.