Mövenpick Resort serves a luxurious moment to be a part of a memorable and personalised experience. This resort is located in Noonu Atoll, Maldives which offers a high degree of privacy and array of recreational facilities. Movenpick resort was built on top of a beautiful and clean turquoise lagoon. Designed for relaxing and rejuvenating escapes. Also, combines comfort and style to give you a great healing way for body and soul.

Private plunge pool with turquoise lagoon overview combined with blue ocean distance creates wonderful vibes and comfort to relax. Movenpick Hotel Kuredhivaru applied many Bali Black Lava stones for their swimming pools. Bali Black Lava and the turquoise color of the lagoon are a perfect match. This resort uses the best quality materials and design to get the best resort. Facilities in this resort are great, there is a large and elegant pool near the beach. Best services and great facilities make this resort a perfect place to stay and escape from being occupied. For more information, we will explain some natural stones are applied in Movenpick Resort Kuredhivaru, Maldives.

Black Lava Stone Pool

Bali Black Lava stone to be a main component in building swimming pools in Movenpick Resort, Kuredhivaru Maldives. This stone was applied to the entire pool. It applies to the floor, wall, deck, also outside of the pool. Bali Black Lava is a great choice to use because the long durable in any condition and has a stable temperature. Also this stone has an elegant natural black color in water.

Cream Palimanan Stone Wall

Bathroom wall in Movenpick Resort Kuredhivaru Maldives using Bali Crem Palimanan stone. The cream color of the stone creates calm vibes inside. Honed finish is chosen for the wall. Honed finish has a smooth surface. This finish is also good to apply on the floor as well. Although the surface is smooth, it is still anti-slip and very comfort to walk barefoot.

Lava Stone with White Pebble

Another stone used in Movenpick Resort in Kuredhivaru, Maldives is Bali White Pebble stone. This stone is combined with Bali Black Lava pool. These pebbles spreaded to the lower outside of the pool for drainage of spilled water from the pool. The contrast of the color between black and white will make a more elegant look for the pool itself. The stable temperature feature of this stone is great. Also, this stone can help to make a pool clean, so many people use it for aquarium, garden, floor, etc.