Como Shambhala Estate is nestled amidst Bali’s rainforest, it’s a sanctuary for the soul. This resort stands as a beacon of wellness and rejuvenation. Serene location in the heart of Bali, Como Shambhala Estate is a real comfortable place for people who want to away from the bustling city life. This resort has luxurious accommodations from elegant suites to private villas, to provide the utmost comfort and serenity. Como Shambhala Estate also offers wellness programs and activities to help flesh out the wellness retreat.

The pools at Como Shambala Estate are designed aesthetically captivating and integrated into the wellness philosophy of the retreat. The design is considered to harmonize the surround’s natural beauty. Enhance unparalleled wellness experience for guests. Set amidst lush tropical foliage and overlooking the river, all the pools in this resort are like oases of healing for guests who need to immerse and indulge their body and soul. Use natural stones for the pool and many edges in this resort also support the traditional and natural atmosphere. Some natural stone :

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone

Bali Green Sukabumi was applied in some pools at Como Shambhala Estate, Bali. The stone’s color matches with surrounding natural beauty foliage. This stone is commonly used for the pool tiles in any hotel and resort. Besides the beautiful natural color, this stone has more benefits such as the substance contained. It is a Zeolite substance, a substance that can destroy microorganisms in the water so the pool will be clean and purified. Also finish of the stone mostly used is Honed finish, this finish has a smoother surface than others but still has the anti-slip feature. The surface makes the guests comfortable when inside the pool.

Black Bali Lava Stone

Bali Black Lava was applied also in this resort. Bali Black Lava is used for pool deck/coping, stairs inside the pool, and some pathways. Bali Black Lava was formed from high temperatures of lava liquid volcano mountains that were cold when is out. The characteristics of this stone is many pores/holes in the stone. It make Black Lava stably temperature as water and air can flow through those pores/holes. This stone has an elegant black color and commonly use for pool deck, the combination of Bali Black Lava and Bali Green Sukabumi gives a beautiful appearance and good ambiance.

Bali Light Kerobokan Stone

Another stone that can be found in Como Shambhala Estate is Bali Kerobokan stone. Bali Kerobokan stone is more applied for walling in Como Shambhala Estate. This stone has a unique characteristic, it has a beautiful gray color and lacks spot textures. The characteristics makes this stone can increase the traditional atmosphere, as it was applied for many traditional culture buildings. This stone can be applied for walling and flooring. Bali Kerobokan stone has an anti-slip feature, so no need to worry about walking barefoot on it.

Bali White Palimanan Stone

Bali White Palimanan stone can also be found in Como Shambhala Estate for walling and flooring. At the one edge of the resort, there are full Bali White Palimanan with a beautiful white color variation on the wall and floor. Despite its traditional feel, its beautiful appearance creates a tranquil atmosphere. One of the advantages of this stone is anti-slip resistance even if the surface is smooth, it is still safe and comfortable to walk barefoot on it. Bali White Palimanan recommend applying in low-pressure area such as wall, floor, stairs, etc. It stone can be cut for larger sizes but also increase the thickness for certain sizes and areas as it is limestone type.