Gran Melia Arusha, Tanzania was built on 18 acres of beautiful landscaped coffee and tea plantations. We can get the pure tranquility with the spectacular view of Mount Meru. It offers a unique experience with the best conference facilities.

Bali Sukabumi Tiles
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Gran Melia Arusha, Tanzania has a very wonderful staff. The rooms are well done and refreshing. The food is well done with different menus from a great Chef. We should be coming for any conference in Grand Melia. It is recommended for anyone out to visit Tanzania to stay at this hotel.

Bali Lava Stone Pool Deck
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Gran Melia Arusha, Tanzania has one of the best private Lahr scale pool and a garden. They plant tea and coffee in that garden not only for show but for the hotel’s consumption too. This hotel is super clean and sanitary. The bed is perfect. We can have a wonderful sleep. The mountain views is so beautiful. We can sit and stare at that mountain all day.

Bali Green Sukabumi Stone Tiles Pool Tiles

Bali Sukabumi Stone
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Gran Melia Arusha, Tanzania has a beautiful swimming pool. The swimming pool applied natural stones. It is Green Sukabumi Stone. The size of stone is 10x10x1 cm, Honed Finish and 20×20 cm, Rough Face Finish. This stone is the best Swimming Pool Tiles in the World. It is applied in many hotels in the world, such as Australia, Europe, Africa, America, Asia, etc. We supplied this stone to many countries.

Bali Lava Stone for Pool Deck

Bali Natural Stone Tiles
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Gran Melia Arusha, Tanzania also applied another natural stone. It is Bali Black Lava Stone. This stone is applied for the pool deck and pool walls. The size of stone is 20x40x1.5 cm. This stone has a special characteristic. It has a cold system. This system comes from the tiny hole of the stone. The holes make the water and air can flow. So, Black Lava Stone has a cold surface.