Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa is a famous resort in Singapore. This resort has a beautiful view. We can feel the nature in the middle of modern live of Singapore in this resort. We can find a beautiful and peaceful place in this resort. This resort applied natural stones for the flooring and walling.

Bali White Stone Stairs
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The White Palimanan Stone Application

The natural stone that is applied for flooring and stairs is White Palimanan Stone Tiles. This stone gives an elegant look because it has a classic white color. This stone is also applied for the flooring in swimming pool. This stone is a great choice for a pool deck because it has a smooth surface and is comfortable to walk barefoot.

Bali White Stone Tiles Stairs 
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Bali White Stone is applied for the stairs in Sofitel Sentosa. The stairs have an elegant white look. We need the right maintenance to keep this stone clean. In a clean condition, this stone has the best white look. Another stone that is used in Sofitel Sentosa is Andesite Stone. This stone is applied for the flooring and the pool deck.

Gray Andesite Tiles
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Gray Andesite Stone has an elegant look and durable. This stone is formed in a high temperature of volcano mountain. That is why this stone is durable in all conditions. This stone is very good for a flooring.

Bali White Stone Tiles Flooring
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