Park Hyatt is a beautiful hotel in this world. This hotel has a unique concept. It is eye catching, has high quality services and facilities. Park Hyatt is located in central capital city. But it has a nature concept. This hotel has an upper flooring with a beautiful Swimming Pool, trees, and a green tall building.

Green Pool Tiles
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Park Hyatt is a great location to get relax. It’s not easy to find a green place in the busy Park Hyatt surroundings. The only one is Park Hyatt Hotel. We can swim and feel the nature. To get the best concept of nature, Park Hyatt chose the best natural stone for the swimming pool.

Green Sukabumi Tiles
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The swimming pool has a green concept. This Green Swimming Pool applied Green Sukabumi Stone. This stone is a famous stone in the world because it has been applied in many luxury pools. This stone can be found only in Indonesia. It is very comfortable for swimming pool because this stone has a Zeolite substance, hard to crack, anti slip, stable temperature, etc.

Great Green Sukabumi Tiles for Pool
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The Powerful Green Sukabumi Stone

The best thing about Green Sukabumi stone is the Zeolite substance. This substance makes the pool clean and no contamination in the water. It can destroy the microorganisms. We need the right maintenance to keep the pool and stone clean. For more information about Green Sukabumi Stone, please contact us.

Another Swimming Pool view
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Park Hyatt Bangkok with Green Natural Concept is a great choice to stay and enjoy our holiday. The combination of green swimming pool and green environment makes this hotel look more beautiful and infinite than the other hotels. For more review, please check on our website. Thanks for reading our article.