Four Season Jimbaran is one great Hotel in Bali Island. This Hotel located near Beach in Bali Island. This condition make the jimbaran resort very comfortable and interesting. Furthermore, Four Season Jimbaran Also provide many complete facilities for kids, Family or single person. This Facilities will make the visitor never forgot this vacation. Four Season Resort Jimbaran Bay also provide international standard service for visitor.

Green Sukabumi Stone Pool
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Amazing Green Sukabumi Stone with BEach view

In four season Jimbaran Bay we will get Spa, Fitness, Luxury Swimming Pool, etc. The Swimming Pool of Four Season Jimbaran Bay has apply many Natural Stone Tiles Indonesia. This Swimming Pool apply Green Sukabumi Stone and Andesite Stone Tiles. First, we will review Green Sukabumi Stone. Green Sukabumi Stone make the Swimming Pool has elegant Natural Green Appearance. This Natural Green Sukabumi Stone is one famous Natural Stone for Pool Tiles in the world. We just can found this Natural Stone from Indonesia country.

Yellow Stone Tiles Pool Deck
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The Green Sukabumi Stone has many benefit for the swimming Pool. Green Sukabumi Stone will make the Swimming Pool has clean and Fresh water, Anti slip surface, More endurance, Temperature more stable, etc. This Green Sukabumi Stone can make the Pool more clean because has zeolite substance. This substance will kill microorganism from the pool. Our Pool also will has more normal temperature. Green Sukabumi Stone also is one great choice to make large swimming pool because it can endurance in high temperature.

Andesite Stone Tiles Pool Deck
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Andesite Stone Tiles for Flooring

Second, The Andesite Stone Tiles. Andesite Stone Tiles apply for swimming Pool deck. This Andesite Stone Tiles make the Swimming Pool has Gray and Black Color. One great hardness Natural Stone from Indonesia is Andesite Stone Tiles. This Natural Stone will make the Swimming Pool deck more suitable, comfortable, and anti slip material. The Swimming Pool Deck with Andesite Stone Tiles has great endurance from crack or broken. This condition make the Andesite is one great choice. In other Hotel, Andesite also can apply for Flooring, Paving and Walling.

Yellow Stone Tiles Flooring
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Next, Another Great Natural Stone is Yellow Stone Tiles. Yellow Stone Tiles is one great amazing Stone Tiles from Indonesia. This Natural Stone Usually apply for Walling and Flooring (Swimming Pool Deck). This Unique Yellow Stone Tiles has Yellow Line in  Surface. We will get unique style like wood style with Natural Stone Tiles. Yellow Stone Tiles is soft Rock stone. It’s make we need more thickness to apply this Natural Stone. Yellow Stone Tiles Four Season Jimbaran apply for Flooring and Swimming Pool Deck.