Anantara Mui Ne Resort Vietnam is located along the coast of Mui Ne, the nearest to a major city. Mui Ne is a popular beach in Binh Thuan, Vietnam. This resort offers a luxurious escape that blends tropical beauty in an elegant design. Anantara Mui Ne Resort is designed for comfort and privacy place. A stunning resort with world-class amenities and exceptional service makes this place be haven for travelers seeking tranquility, relaxation, and calm. With a breathtaking ocean view and sandy beach, enjoy the spending time.

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Anantara Mui Ne Resort Vietnam is one of the resorts that offer an overlooking ocean view and a refreshing environment, supported by luxury resort facilities. Provides spa retreat, equipped with fine dining and adventure activities. As located in surrounding lush greenery, this resort applied a nature theme to enhance the ambiance. Using natural stone in some arts in this resort be chosen for this. Based on our research, there are some types of Andesite stone applied.

Andesite Stone Dark Gray Flamed finish

Bali Andesite stone has good strength and durability. This stone is known as hard stone as its density is at good level. The best choice is to apply this stone in car area, and heavy goods area. It would be a long period and easy to maintain this stone. This stone also features anti-slip although the finish is smooth. It makes safety to apply on the wet area. Anantara Mui Ne Resort uses Bali Andesite in flamed finish to enhance anti-slip and add a unique appearance. This finish has a slight texture on the surface.

Andesite Stone Dark Gray Honed Finish

Another finish of Bali Andesite stone that is applied in Anantara Mui Ne Resort is Honed finish. This stone is used on the floor at the balcony and other indoor areas. This stone features anti-slip and is still safe if applied In a wet area.

Gray Andesite Stone Cobble

Andesite is known as a hard stone because of its good density. This stone is the best choice to use on high-pressure area such as carport, driveway, car entrance, etc. Anantara Mui Ne Resort use Bali Andesite stone for entrance way. It considered the usage of this area and the specification stone that matches it. Recommend using Bali Andesite stone with Cobble type as this type can provide for 3 to 5 cm which is good on high-pressure area.