Hansar Samui is situated directly on BophutBeach, offering breathtaking views of the turquoise waters and the lushgreenery of the surrounding hills. This boutique resort is renowned for its elegance, exceptional service, and commitmentto providing guests with a serene retreat. Harmonizing modernaesthetic with traditional Thai elements. The resort isalso dedicated to sustainability and environmental conservation such as waste reduction, energy conservation, andcommunity engagement reflecting its commitment to responsible tourism. Those are somereasons guests will becomfortable to stay long and get an unparalleled experience.

The Hansar Samui Resort boasts two pools with splendid views and a serene atmosphere. The infinity-edge pool stands out as a highlight of the resort, providing stunning glimpses of the Gulf of Thailand. This magnificent pool blends seamlessly with the ocean, resulting in a captivating visual spectacle. The incorporation of natural stone in resorts like to Hansar Samui is often intended to achieve a harmonious connection with the local landscape and present a lavish but natural atmosphere. Common types of natural stone commonly used in such settings may include :

Bali Andesite Stone

Bali Andesite stone can be found in Hansar Samui Resort and Spa, Thailand. This stone was applied to the driveway and wall in the entrance area. Bali Andesite stone is formed in a volcanic mountain, from the lava fluids in high temperatures which spreads out and then becomes cold. Based on the formation process, this stone is known as a hard stone. It has a good density and durable in all conditions. Usually, this stone is used in high-pressure area such as pathways, driveway, carport, etc. The best choice for paving and flooring.

Bali Black Lava Stone (Split face)

Hansar Samui Resort and Spa used Bali Black Lava stone for some pillars in the outside lobby area. The finish that was applied is Splitface, this is a unique finish to gives a different landscape for the wall. Bali Black Lava stone has a special characteristic, it contains many tiny holes/pores. These holes have a function to make temperature stable as the water and air can flow through the holes/pores. This stone usually applies to floor and wall, but many people use it for pool decks/coping as well. It is still safe as this stone has a slip-resistance feature. Another advantage of this stone is the black elegance color. It can help to make the design more beautiful and opulent.

Bali Green Sukabumi (Honed)

Bali Green Sukabumi is a popular stone for pool. The natural green color is liked by people who want to get a natural atmosphere. The green color will match with surrounding natural things and look beautiful and elegant. This stone is mostly applied for swimming pool hotels in Bali, so people can feel nature. Bali Green Sukabumi has a good substance, it is a Zeolite. Its substance can help to destroy microorganisms in swimming pools then the pool will clean and purify. Besides that, this stone also has a slip-resistance feature even if the surface is smooth or Honed finish. People commonly use Honed finish for inside the swimming pool. This thing makes no worries if using the stone in the swimming pool. Also, no need to worry about walking barefoot on the stone.

Bali Green Sukabumi (Rough face)

Another finish of Bali Green stone that was applied in this resort is a Rough face finish. This finish has a natural or rough surface. Hansar Samui Resort and Spa this stone is for the wall outside of the infinity pool. This finish gives a unique appearance differently. Help increase natural ambiance as the pool is nearest to the beach.

Bali Pebble Black

Pebble stones with black color also can be found in Hansar Samui Resort and Spa, Thailand as a drainage for the infinity pool. Many people use it for drainage as well. Besides that, this stone is used for decoration purposes such as aquarium, garden, and floor or wall cladding. This stone primarily serves aesthetic purposes only.